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Brown Wool Scapular of Mt. Carmel

Sr. Lucia of Fatima said the rosary and the scapular are inseparable! Our Lady wants EVERYONE to wear her brown scapular!

100% wool scapular hand made by South Dakota Carmelite Sisters. Donations accepted to help supply them free to those in need. Informational pamphlet included

The mission of our apostolate, The Fatima Project, is share the message of Fatima, the prayers of Fatima, and to provide cord rosaries and wool scapulars to those who request them, free of charge.

At this time we have only a few cord rosaries to distribute. You may request them by email.

You can assist in this mission by making cord rosaries and returning them to us, and by making donations for scapular and rosary materials.

$2.50 will pay for our cost of your scapular, a $5 value, and so $5 will pay for someone else's need for a scapular. $1.50 will pay for the supplies for one cord rosary. See mission Cord Rosaries category for supplies.

Thank you for your generosity!!