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8mm Kambaba Jasper with Onyx Twist, and Bronze Handcast Extra Large Handcast John Paul II - Our Lady of Poland centerpiece

SKU: KBJSP81510.BR.1 $173.00

This JP II rosary design consists of 8 mm Kambaba Jasper Hail Mary beads. The Our Father beads are 15 mm x 10 mm Onyx twists.

The 1.25 inch across heavy and substantial custom center and 2.25 inch crucifix are hand cast reproductions of vintage pieces. The center is actually a medal that we had recast into a center, making it very unique

The center has a detailed relief of Pope John Paul II on one side, and Our Lady of Czestochowa on the reverse. John Paul II was very devoted to Our Lady of Czestochowa and visited the shrine whenever he was in Poland.

There is an account during a time of persecution and occupation in Poland when public displays of religious images were not allowed. This made the yearly procession of the image of Our Lady of Czestochowa through town impossible. John Paul II, a priest at this time, simply removed the image from the ornate frame and processed it through town. The people all knew what image belonged in the frame and the authorities could do nothing about it

This strong and detailed centerpiece allows us to reflect on Blessed John Paul II constant urging to step out in non-violent actions of faith without fear

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