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7mm Black Wood Cube and 4mm Jade Penal Rosary with Bronze


This is a hand crafted flex-wire one decade penal rosary made from 7mm wooden cubes and 4mm natural stone jade spacers.

The penal crucifix has symbols on the front and back......

HAMMER- For the nails of the Cross
HALO- Crown of Thorns was not usually shown
JUG or CHALICE- The Last Supper
CORDS for BINDING- Symbolize the Scourging at the Pillar
SPEAR- Piercing the side of Jesus
LADDER- Crucifixion, taking body from the cross
COCK and POT- Symbolizing the early apocryphal legend relating to Judas the betrayer. Also the roasting cock which suddenly came to life and crowed, thus prophesizing the resurrection.
THREE NAILS- Tools of the Crucifixion

Crucifix measures 2 X 0.8 inches. Overall length 9 inches.