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6mm Lapis Lazuli with Sterling Textured Spacers and Hand Wrought Our Father

SKU: LAP611.S.1 $373.00

The Hail Mary beads are 6 mm in size and are accentuated with rich blue glass and beautifully hand wrought Hill Tribes sterling silver cones. Each cone is handmade with etched lines The cones add dimension and variation in shape to the heirloom rosary, as well as texture

The Our Father bead is an antiqued, hand wrought Hill Tribes sterling bead. The woven shape, 11 mm x 6 mm, is a perfect complement to the dimension and texture of the little sterling Hill Tribes cone beads. The Our Father bead is set apart by sterling silver saucers and 3 mm Lapis Lazuli beads.

The Our Father bead and spacer cones are handmade with expert detail by the Hill Tribes people of in the remote mountain areas of Thailand. Because the actual range is 95-99 purity, these sterling products will not tarnish as readily as sterling silver.

The rosary includes hand cast sterling reproductions of vintage pieces. Miraculous Medal Centerpiece.

See picture below for detail

Guaranteed workmanship, as is all our rosaries